Below is an infographic that shows the top 5 developed countries with the highest STI/STD rates.

Infographic kindly provided by Carvaka (

Here we see that Singapore is at Number 3! Even higher than the UK!

There may be several factors for this including rates of protection use (condoms) and type of risky behaviour. But most probably the single biggest factor is that STIs often have no symptoms such as Chlamydia. And without symptoms many people often assume that they are not infected so they do not get checked and they pass it over to their sexual partners.


The majority of STIs are curable so with the right education and HIV screening the rates should be controllable but the lack of symptoms gives people a false sense of security.

So if you believe there is a chance of an STI (any form of unprotected penetrative sex including oral sex) then get yourself screened regularly.

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