Suffering from Halitosis?

Bad breath is a bane for most of us. With so many different causes and often very little we can do upon being told we have bad breath, it can be a source of embarrassment.


What cause it?

There are many different causes, with too many to list in entirety here. But we will cover a few of the more common causes.


Not drinking enough water makes the membranes inside our mouth dry, which will result in decay of bacteria within the mouth. This decay produces the smell associated with bad breath.


Certain strong food like onions and garlic persist long after the food has been eaten. The constituents of the food stick to the inside of the mouth and continue to produce unpleasant odour for long periods.

Something else that also may produce bad breath: coffee.


Sometimes infections within the mouth, involving the tongue, gums and teeth lead to an unpleasant odour as well.

What can be done?

Good oral hygiene is important. Brushing teeth twice daily with regular mouthwash and flossing is paramount. Doing this is enough to deal with most causes of bad breath. Of course, you need to remain well hydrated, even more so if you enjoy things like coffee and tea.

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