Fertility Screening for Couples

Fertility screening is often a very sensitive area for couples. Some may have been trying for a family for a long time and end up blaming themselves, or even each other, for something that is no one’s fault.


We would normally recommend fertility screening for couples who have been actively trying for 1 year or more (or 6 months or more for lady’s above 35 years of age) without success. But we can screen at any stage for your convenience.

What we cover can be seen in separate articles here for men and here for women.

We recommend that both partners seek fertility treatment together so that the journey is taken together and bonds strengthened along the way. Often there is no single party to blame but in the rare circumstance that infertility stems from one partner, it is beneficial to have the other partner for support.

Help can be sought with an experienced female or male doctor. Should you wish to consult both doctors together, this can be arranged.

For more information please contact us or visit us in clinic. If you would like to book an appointment with both doctors we recommend calling ahead to arrange a suitable time.