Genital and Anal Warts

Genital/Anal warts are caused by a skin virus that infects the top layer of the skin causing it produce the classic ‘fleshy’ appearance.


How are they transmitted?

Warts can be passed on through skin to skin contact but genital/anal warts usually require sexual contact.

What are they like?

They appear as fleshy bumps anywhere around the genitals and anal margin. They are usually painless but may become itchy if irritated.

Are they dangerous?

Usually, no. Warts themselves won’t cause any long term harm but having a wart strain of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) means you may have a cancer causing strain as well, which should be screened. See here and here for more details. Or see here for details on the vaccine.


Several treatments are available and all are effective in their own way. See the topic here for more details on treatment.

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