Many guys will experience Erectile Dysfunction (ED) at some point in their life but it can be such an emasculating topic that many may suffer in silence.


When it happens the first time most will think there is something physically wrong with them. The problem then persists and seems to get worse and worse. Eventually some guys will experience ED every time they want to have sex. But on most occasions there is no physical problem; what creeps in and worsens the issue is performance anxiety.

Performance anxiety relates to a negative cycle of starting sex and worrying about ED. This worry in turn leads to ED and next time the whole process repeats again.

In these scenarios medication can help by increasing the strength and duration of erections to gain back full function and confidence. The medication can be used long term if wanted or it can be reduced later on – it all depends on patient preference.

Of course there are other, more serious issues that can cause ED, such as low testosterone or nerve damage in the pelvic region, which will be investigated if a trial with the medication fails.

If this sounds like an all familiar story for you then don’t hesitate to speak to us in person so that we can start the process of helping. Contact us or visit us in clinic for more information.

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