***Please note that the HSA Singapore has recalled the latest batch of SD bioline HIV combo test kits as some may show false negative results in early HIV infection***

***Please see the below link for more info***


***Please be advised that we use the Alere Combo rapid kit in Atlas Pacific Medical, which are unaffected by this callback***

HIV screening is an important part of overall health screening. HIV often has no symptoms making it difficult to spot clinically. Testing is often the only way to know for sure. Refer to the table below for testing available and the most suitable for you.


*The window period states the time from exposure that the test is conclusive.

*Please note that we currently do not offer the Oraquick test at present. Should this become available again we will mention here*

Rapid Testing for HIV is subject to a standard $20 consultation fee

Also note that the HIV PCR test is only run on Tuesday at the lab so getting to us before that would help speed up results.


A quick guide to choose the appropriate test:

Less than 3 days (72 hours) since exposure = PEP medication.

Between 3 – 10 days since exposure = no testing/medication available.

10 – 28 days from exposure = HIV PCR RNA.

28 days to 3 months from exposure = 4th generation test (rapid or lab).

3 months or more from exposure = 3rd generation test.

The below table illustrates risk based on exposure.


We can perform all the above mentioned tests in clinic. The clinic itself is fully accredited by the Ministry of Health to perform such tests.

For more information please contact us or visit us in clinic.