Genital/Anal warts are often very concerning to people because of the physical appearance they produce. However it is important to note that we can treat the physical symptoms.



Not to worry, this sounds scarier than it is. The process involves numbing the wart(s) first then using a small electrical current from a special surgical machine to gently remove the wart. The process is very quick and produces excellent results.


Tried and trusted method of removal using a freezing spray. Safe and well tolerated but surrounding skin may also be affected and it can take many tries before the wart is removed (may take several weeks).

Topical Lotion:

A relatively new treatment involving a lotion that is applied to the wart itself. Very safe and pain free. Most warts can be treated in 1-2 sessions, about a week apart. Only the largest warts may require more.

Acid therapy:

Another tried and trusted method that can be done at home. Much like warts on the hands and feet, a small portion of acid gel is applied to the wart and left overnight. After a few weeks of treatment the wart should be removed. Downsides are that normal skin may be affected if applied to liberally.

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