There has been growing worry over antibiotic resistant gonorrhoea particularly when associated with throat infections.


The reason resistance has been becoming more common is two-fold:

Firstly people who are at risk of gonorrhoea are not getting screened because they do not have any symptoms. They assume that no symptoms means no infection which is not true at all. For gonorrhoea up to 10% of men and 75% of women may have no symptoms meaning the only way to be sure is to screen.

Secondly, there is common practice worldwide to throw antibiotics at every throat infection when the majority are cause by viruses and do not respond to antibiotics. This excess use then leads to gonorrhoea (if it is present) evolving and getting stronger, ultimately producing resistance to antibiotics and being harder to treat.


The simplest way to minimise resistance is to screen regularly regardless of symptoms. Therefore if an infection is present it can be treated earlier.

For more information on gonorrhoea and STDs check the link here.

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