Contraception is important for those not quite ready for children. Many different methods are available and all have strengths and weaknesses.



Your basic contraception such as condoms and cervix diaphragms. Cheap, readily available and simple to use these are the simplest form of contraception available.


The most common type of contraception used. Can be used long term as long as side effects are minimal.


Hormonal injections designed to stop ovulation. Good for medium term (3 months).

Under skin implant:

Hormonal and long term (3 years) but more invasive as this requires needles to insert under the skin.

Intrauterine device (IUD):

Hormonal and non-hormonal. Long term (up to 5 years) but invasive as the device needs to be inserted through the vagina and cervix directly into the uterus. The non-hormonal can be used as emergency contraception.


This is a rough guide on available contraception. Check out our detailed article here for more information.


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