The most well known medication is a toxin produced by a bacteria (everyone knows the name but cannot be mentioned here for safety/legal purposes!) The toxin itself affects the nerves, meaning it paralyses the nerves that supply the muscle.


Through this method, it was found that the toxin could be used to temporarily reduce muscle tone, which in turn reduces wrinkle lines on the face. A non-surgical, relatively safe procedure was born that could rejuvenate the face and reduce those difficult wrinkle lines.

We provide facial anti-wrinkle therapy in clinic, retailing at $15 per unit.

On average:

Forehead lines = Approximately 24 units ($360)

Crows feet = Approximately 12 units for both sides ($180)

Jaw line (massester muscle for jaw slimming/teeth grinding) = approximately 60 units for both sides ($900)

Effects last up to 6-9 months.

All our doctors are fully trained and registered with ADEG (Aesthetic Dermatology Educational Group).

For more information please contact us or visit us in clinic.