Anti wrinkle injections not only can be used to reduce facial wrinkles, it can also be used to reduce excessive sweating in certain areas.


The most common areas of excessive sweating are the hands, feet, and armpits. And the toxin can be used in all three areas.

The toxin used can temporarily paralyze nerves in a small area. It is often these nerves that are rapidly triggered that lead to sweat glands producing excessive amounts of sweat. By injecting the toxin into these areas the nerves are paralyzed and no longer produce the sweating response.

The procedure

Firstly the area in question is assessed and markings made on the likely injection sites. A cold compress is applied to the area for several minutes to help numb the area and the toxin injections can begin. On average the injections are given 1cm apart and 1-2 units are injected. Given the number of units needed for good results and the large areas covered, the number of units can easily hit 50 per side. So you can imagine that this is a costly procedure costing approximately $750 per side. However the results are usually incredibly profound and can last up to 9 months before the procedure needs to be repeated.

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