Mole Removal

Moles are small growths on the skin that may appear and grow over a long period of time. They may be darker or lighter than the surrounding skin and some may even have hair(s) protruding from the centre.


Moles are benign. The often are static in size or they may grow slowly. Typically they are round in appearance with a sharp border and are usually quite smooth.

However, some skin lumps and bumps are mistaken for moles when they are actually much more serious. If your ‘mole’ exhibits any of the following then you should have it examined by a doctor as soon as possible:

  • Rapid increase in size
  • Irregular borders
  • Dark pigmentation
  • Bleeding

If your mole does not exhibit these signs then it is much more likely to be benign.

What do moles look like?

Moles can have a myriad of appearances and the pictures below will list some common appearances:

If you are unsure about your mole, then speak to one of our doctors today.

What can be done?

Benign moles can be left alone but removal is possible for cosmetic purposes. Now, we use an electric laser that can safely burn away the mole leaving minimal scarring. The procedure usually only takes a few minutes per mole.

We offer mole removal and pricing will be dependent on size and number of moles.

Please contact us or visit us in clinic for more information.