Probiotics are good bacteria that can be taken for a variety of issues.

Our current brand of probiotics – Fermentix.

Probiotic supplements are packed with good bacteria (commonly Lactobacillus) that can help our bodies in a myriad of ways:

  • Overall immune health
  • Food poisoning related diarrhoea
  • Antibiotic related diarrhoea

As part of regular exercise and a healthy diet, probiotics can help to keep you fit and healthy

Good bacteria stabilise the environment within many parts of the body, particularly the stomach and intestines. The good bacteria flourish to prevent bad bacteria from colonising. On occasion where antibiotics have been given they also remove many good bacteria as well, which allows bad bacteria to develop and grow leading to issues such as diarrhoea.

A regular top-up of probiotics can be helpful in maintaining good gut health.


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