Are you getting recurrent vaginal discharge? Do you notice an unusual odour or itching? Then you may be getting a recurrent infection that is producing your symptoms.


You are likely experiencing either Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) or a Yeast infection. BV is caused by a bacteria that can occur at anytime and is often associated with your periods. This has the classic ‘fishy’ odour and often requires treatment to settle. Even then it can occur again without an obvious trigger.

Yeast infections can cause a thick discharge that is described as similar to cream cheese. Usually there is no smell but the itching can often be intense. This also requires treatment to settle.

We have a new product available that not only can be used to treat these infections but also can be used to help prevent them as well. Known as Actigel, gel is applied inside the vagina on a regular basis at first for treatment and once the symptoms have settled the gel can be used once every few days as maintenance to prevent recurrence of infections.


For more information on vaginal discharge check out the article here.

So if this sounds like something that would apply to you come and see us in clinic or contact us.

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