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Syphilis is a serious sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by the bacterium treponema pallidum. One of the most common ways it can spread is through sexual activity, such as oral, vaginal, or anal sex.

Note: This content was written for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Consult a healthcare professional if you have any health-related questions or concerns.

What are the symptoms of Syphilis?

Syphilis can cause a wide range of symptoms, including:

– Small, painless sores or ulcers on your genitals, anus, or lips

– A rash on your palms or soles of your feet

– Swollen lymph nodes in the groin area

– Fever and fatigue

– Muscle aches and joint pain

If left untreated, syphilis can lead to serious health problems such as blindness, deafness, heart disease, stroke, organ damage and even death. It is therefore important to get tested for syphilis if you’re sexually active.

An infected person can pass it to another without knowing they have been infected since syphilis does not always show symptoms in its early stages.

How do you test for Syphilis?

In Singapore, syphilis testing is available for those who may be at risk due to their lifestyle and/or having multiple sexual partners. The first step is to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss any concerns you may have regarding STIs.

At Atlas Pacific Medical in Singapore, we offer a blood test for syphilis. The test is done by taking a sample of your blood and testing it for the presence of antibodies to treponema pallidum, the bacterium that causes syphilis. Depending on your risk factors and medical history, you may also be tested for other STIs including HIV, gonorrhoea and chlamydia.

If you have had unprotected sex or are pregnant, it is important to get tested for syphilis as soon as possible. This is because if it is left untreated during pregnancy, it can cause serious complications such as stillbirths or deformations in babies.

We use the latest tests available in Singapore to accurately diagnose syphilis. The results are delivered quickly and with complete confidentiality – ensuring that you always have peace of mind when it comes to your sexual health.

What happens after the test?

If you’ve tested positive for syphilis, our doctors will work with you to develop an appropriate treatment plan. Treatment may include antibiotics such as penicillin or doxycycline and regular blood tests to monitor your progress. It’s important to finish all prescribed medication even if you feel better – failure to do so can result in a relapse.

Further tests may be required to determine if there are any complications such as damage to internal organs or even neurological problems. Our team of doctors will provide you with detailed information about how best to manage your condition and ensure that it does not progress further.

How to prevent Syphilis?

It is important to note that the only way to prevent Syphilis is through abstaining from sexual activity or using protection (such as condoms) every time you engage in sexual activity with any partner. It is also advised that those who are sexually active should get tested regularly to detect any infections before they become serious.

At Atlas Pacific Medical, we are dedicated to providing quality care and offering confidential testing services for syphilis in Singapore. If you have concerns about your sexual health or if you believe you may have been exposed to the Treponema pallidum bacterium/syphilis, please contact us so that we can help you take the necessary steps to protect yourself and reduce your risk of infection. Our team of experienced doctors will provide all the information and support needed so that you can make an informed decision about your sexual health.

We understand that talking about STIs can be embarrassing but everyone must take their sexual health seriously as it is a critical part of overall health and well-being. Remember that early detection can prevent further complications from occurring, so don’t hesitate to get tested if you think you have been exposed to Syphilis or any other STI.

We are committed to providing quality care and offering confidential syphilis testing services in Singapore. Don’t take chances with your sexual health – contact us today for more information about our screening process and how we can help you manage your condition. With our team of dedicated doctors by your side, you can rest assured knowing that your sexual health is in good hands.

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