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Hair Loss Management

Male pattern baldness is almost an inevitability but modern medication can halt the process giving you a fuller head of hair.

Male pattern baldness can start at any age but most tend to start noticing in their early twenties. The process continues as we age following a pattern similar to that shown below.

The earlier hair loss medication is started the better the results. If the progress of male pattern baldness is left until the very end then reversal or improvement is almost impossible.


There are two current treatments approved for use.

The first is a tablet that is taken once daily. However it does take up to 6 months to notice the greatest effect. As long as medication is continued then results are often good. Once medication is stopped, however, then the process reverses and baldness will occur again over a period of a few months.

The tablets are often well tolerated but an unwanted side effect may be loss of erectile function. This doesn’t always happen but can be countered with erectile dysfunction medication/treatment.

The second option is a lotion that is applied directly to the scalp. It is a good choice for those not wanting tablets but the current recommendation is to use this as a supplement to the above mentioned tablets to improve overall effect. Care has to be taken when applying the cream that it does not pass onto other people due to unwanted side effects.


Men may also use the products that have been directed at female hair loss as seen here.

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