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Probiotics are good bacteria that can be taken for a variety of issues.

Probiotic supplements are packed with good bacteria (commonly Lactobacillus) that can help our bodies in a myriad of ways:

As part of regular exercise and a healthy diet, probiotics can help to keep you fit and healthy

Good bacteria stabilise the environment within many parts of the body, particularly the stomach and intestines. The good bacteria flourish to prevent bad bacteria from colonising. On occasion where antibiotics have been given they also remove many good bacteria as well, which allows bad bacteria to develop and grow leading to issues such as diarrhea.

A regular top-up of probiotics can be helpful in maintaining good gut health. Speak to us in clinic for more information or contact us.


Viral infections are one of commonest types of infections around. Often spread through direct contact, coughing and sneezing, it is almost impossible to know you have a viral infection until symptoms show up.

Common viral infections include:

The severity of the infection varies from person to person but most will tell you that viral infections can be debilitating.

What can be done?
Often most viral infections require nothing more than supportive care and plenty of rest to settle. But this doesn’t mean that the symptoms are particularly comfortable during the worst part of the infection.

This is where anti-viral supplements containing Lysine can help boost your immunity to help ward off these infections.

When taken together with other symptomatic medications, Lysine can be part of a holistic approach to viral illnesses.

Of course it is important to note that other medication may be necessary to help with symptoms. For example viral infections with high fever would still benefit from paracetamol and Herpes infections would still respond well to anti-viral medication in the form of tablets.

If you would like to know more about anti-viral supplements, visit us today or contact us for more information.


Viviscal is a non-hormonal hair loss supplement suitable for both men and women.

Shown to help reduce hair fall over long term use, it is an ideal choice for those that do not wish to or are unable to use proven hormonal treatment such as Finasteride.


As mentioned in the Male Fertility section, the most important things we look for in semen analysis are:

Sometimes when we get the results back we notice that one or more of those parameters is abnormal. For example, a low sperm count, sperm that do not move, or sperm that is abnormal in shape. These factors contribute to a reduced rate of successful conception.

If the levels are extremely abnormal (no sperm at all, no movement, all abnormal in shape) then referral to a specialist fertility doctor is necessary. However, if the results are only partially abnormal or borderline then we can help with fertility supplements.

The two we use are Provironum and Migrate Q10.

Provironum is a testosterone-like medication that boosts sperm production. It is not like other testosterone supplements which are used for strength and muscle gain but reduce sperm quality. Take for approximately 2-3 months (or longer) to improve sperm quality.

Migrate Q10 is a supplement including ingredients such as Co-enzyme Q10, lycopene and zinc, which are all key materials in sperm production.

If both supplements are taken together they can significantly improve sperm quality.

The important thing to remember is that sperm production takes approximately 60 days. Since it is always being produced there is always a supply but the ‘new’ sperm which benefits from the supplements may take 2 months to mature.

For more information please contact us or visit us in clinic.