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Crystal Tomato

Crystal Tomato is a popular and effective capsule and cream combination helping to improve skin clarity, pigmentation and tone.

$162 per box.

Each capsule contains 3 whole crystal tomatoes, specially grown for their qualities. It has been shown to improve skin quality producing clearer and fairer skin.

Crystal Tomato has been clinically tested and a trial study has been performed looking into its effectiveness.

Many who use Crystal Tomato note the following benefits:

- Decreased Skin Dryness/Roughness

-Improved Skin Suppleness, Skin Tone and Texture

For those that are interested to know – we now sell this product in clinic!

Please note that although we are not listed on the Crystal Tomato website as an authorised distributor, we do buy our products directly from Crystal Tomato themselves. The products are 100% authentic. For peace of mind we do have the official authenticity letter from Crystal Tomato in clinic but a soft copy can be seen below.

Please contact us on +6563869098 or SMS/Whatsapp +6584191943 for current pricing.
You can also click on the Contact Us button below.

Atlas Pacific Medical sells Crystal Tomato in good faith, for personal use within Singapore. We are not affiliated with any other seller within Singapore or outside of Singapore.

We do not endorse or condone the purchase of Crystal Tomato, from us, to be sold in any way within Singapore or abroad. We reserve the right the refuse purchase should we believe there is a breach of our conditions. We thank you for your understanding.

For more information direct from the manufacturer head over to