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Yeast/fungal infections

Yeast/fungal infections cover a broad range of infections and can essentially infect anywhere in or on the body. Here I will be looking at sexually transmitted yeast/fungal infections.

For women:
Vaginal yeast infections for women are incredibly common. Sometimes it is due to sexual contact but the majority of the time it is due to the woman’s monthly cycle. The change in hormone level during the month alters the pH and environment within the vagina allowing yeast to thrive. Symptoms often include itching of the external genitalia and a curdled white discharge likened to cottage cheese. Odour is not common.

Treatment often requires oral tablets or a pessary inserted into the vagina. The choice is usually down to patient preference. Although treatment works very well, yeast infections return very easily.

For men:
Fungal infections involving the penis are less common for men. There are two presentations. The first is itching and redness (sometimes with a white residue) over the head of the penis. This can become quite uncomfortable due to the itch. The second is an infection within the tube of the penis itself (the urethra). This is even less common and often only seen in men with poorly controlled diabetes.

Topical fungal infection often only requires the regular application of cream, while the internal infection will require oral medication and longer follow up.

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