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weight loss management

An ideal weight loss regimen, that works, is the holy grail but sadly there are no quick fixes.

The best way to lose weight and ensure it stays off is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Finding the right balance between a healthy diet and regular exercise is key.

However, there are medical avenues that can help. They are not designed to be used in isolation and work best with a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Appetite suppressants

Tablets are the most commonly used. It helps to curb appetite so you eat less but it does not speed up metabolism or increase calorie burn.

Naturally, there are some side effects with the most common being dizziness, nausea, headache, diarrhea, and restlessness.

When used with a complete weight loss programme the effects can be profound even when used in severe obesity. Medication is taken once daily with regular review with the doctor.

Dietary Fat reduction

Lipase inhibitor tablets are taken three times daily with meals. The lipase enzyme in the intestine is responsible for breaking down fat in your diet into tiny pieces that can be absorbed by the body. The medication inhibits this enzyme so that your dietary fat remains unbroken and thus too large for absorption into the body. The fat/oil is then passed out in bowel motion as normal.

Again, this medication is not a wonder drug and will not be effective in isolation. It is an adjunct to health living by reducing overall fat absorption.

Major side effects are minimal but since dietary oil/fat is not absorbed it will pass out into the motion which can become remarkably slimy.

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