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Low Testosterone

Low energy? Reduced sex drive? Erectile dysfunction? These are all signs of low testosterone. If you believe you may be experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, then please read on!

Low testosterone or andropause is the body’s inability to produce enough testosterone for optimal body function. If this happens many symptoms may present such as:

– Low energy levels
– Low sex drive/libido
– Erectile dysfunction
– Reduced muscle bulk

Other conditions can cause these symptoms as well, even in those with normal testosterone levels, hence why it is so important to identify the correct cause.

How is it diagnosed?

Most diagnoses can be made via a combination of consultation and blood tests. Consultation will allow us to identify the symptoms that may have been occurring while blood tests will confirm the actual level of testosterone. If that level falls below a desired range then the diagnosis can be made and potential treatment discussed.


The first step is replacement therapy, usually in the form of tablets, topical gel, or intra-muscular injection. Each has its own benefits and disadvantages at which can be discussed during consultation. This therapy is then maintained for as long as you wish. However, once therapy is stopped, your testosterone level will usually drop again and symptoms may return. Currently there is no way to completely reverse low testosterone on a permanent basis.

We may also consider halting the conversion of testosterone to estradiol, which itself is another hormone that inhibits testosterone activity.

Is there a cure?

Sadly at this stage there is no long term cure. Replacement therapy can halt the progress but once therapy is stopped then symptoms will return.

Dr Justin is a friendly and approachable doctor who has a special interest in men’s health, which includes erectile dysfunction. Feel free to make an appointment with him for holistic and compassionate care.

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