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A new, long-term and natural treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

ESWT uses gentle, low-energy waves to stimulate natural regeneration and creation of new blood vessels in the penile area, treating the underlying cause of ED. Clinical studies have shown ESWT is an effective long-lasting solution, with results lasting at least 6 months.

How does it work?

Most cases of ED are due to affected blood vessels delivering blood to the penis, causing decreased ability to develop and maintain an erection.

ESWT uses targeted energy to stimulate tissue repair and blood vessel growth in many areas of the body.

The device is placed against the target areas (refer to image above) and focused shockwaves are sent to various treatment areas, including the penile shaft and deeper muscular areas in the pelvis.

The shockwaves cause cells in the target areas to release growth factors, stimulating tissue repair and blood vessel growth. This in turn results in an improvement of overall blood flow to the penis.

What are the results like?

Various clinical studies have been conducted since 2010, and shown that effects of ESWT treatment of ED can last beyond 6 months, in some cases even beyond 12 months.

In a recent study, 94% of patients with non-severe cases of ED showed lasting success after 6 months. 71.4% of patients with severe cases of ED showed lasting success after 6 months. (Refer to bottom of web page for clinical study title)

Once results start to show, patients can look forward to experiencing healthy, spontaneous erections without having to worry about or rely on medication.

The effects can be considered similar to a “cure” for ED – as the patient would not require any other treatment to have healthy erections during the period of effect.

As ESWT primarily improves the root cause of Erectile Dysfunction, the use of ESWT combined with medication can significantly improve the overall outcome:

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How is this different from other treatment methods?

Most other therapies involve the continuing use of medication, or invasive treatments such as injections and implants, whereas shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment which triggers a natural mechanism that aims to cure vascular-related ED problems rather than just treating the symptoms.

Who is this treatment for?

Most patients suffering from Vasculogenic (i.e. disorder or dysfunction of the blood vessels) ED or diabetes are ideal candidates for treatment. The treatment is patient-friendly, has no side-effects and can be used for all patients, even those on anticoagulants.

Is it safe?

ESWT is safe. It is non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical so perfect for those that want a treatment not requiring injections or medication.

In Summary – ESWT for ED:

– Treats the cause, not just the symptoms.

– Enables Spontaneous Erections.

– Offers clinically proven long-term results.

– Completely safe with no side effects.

– Non-invasive, totally painless.

– Triggers natural repair mechanisms by increasing blood flow.

– Restores sex life with stronger, firmer, longer-lasting erections.

– Compatible with other treatments.

Clinical data extracted from: Kitrey ND, Vardi Y, Appel B, Shechter A, Massarwi O, Abu-Ghanem Y, Gruenwald I, Low-intensity shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction – how long does the effect last?, The Journal of Urology® (2018), doi: 10.1016/j.juro.2018.02.070.

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